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Dimdotworks is a Digital Platform that uses it‘s intellectual foundation to secure Identity in the metaverse & create marketing opportunities through a progressing exchange of information.

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What is Central Tendency?

 Measures of central tendency are summary statistics that represent the center point or typical value of a dataset. Examples of these measures include the mean, median, and mode. These statistics indicate where most values in a distribution fall and are also referred to as the central location of a distribution. You can think of central tendency as the propensity for data points to cluster around a middle value.


EXPO (Exposition)

 Any number of projects used to form a completed  (Exposition) in our catalogue 

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance for the first time. An IPO allows a company to raise equity capital from public investors.



Dimdotworks is a Digital Platform that uses it‘s intellectual foundation to secure Identity in the metaverse & create marketing opportunities through a progressing exchange of information.  


Free Market

In economics, a free market is an economic system in which the prices of goods and services are determined by supply and demand expressed by sellers and buyers.



an act of assigning job or position to someone.

Cross Section

Cross section means the representation of the intersection of an object by a plane along its axis. A cross-section is a shape that is yielded from a solid (eg. cone, cylinder, sphere) when cut by a plane.



In geometry, a vertex (in plural form: vertices or vertexes) is a point where two or more curveslines, or edges meet.



A library is a collection of materials, books or media that are accessible for use and not just for display purposes.



a quantity whose value is selected for the particular circumstances and in relation to which other variable quantities may be expressed.



Commercial, mercantile refer to the activities of business, industry, and trade. Commercial is the broader term, covering all the activities and relationships of industry and trade.


Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable marketing is the promotion of environmentally and socially responsible products, practices, and brand values.


the process of growing or changing and becoming more advanced


Approaches to characterizing circular definitions
From a pragmatic point of view, circular definitions may be characterised in terms of new, useful or helpful information: A definition is deficient if the audience must either already know the meaning of the key term, or if the term to be defined is used in the definition itself. Such definitions lead to a need for additional information that motivated someone to look at the definition in the first place and, thus, violate the principle of providing new or useful information.[2] Here are some examples: Suppose we define "oak" as a tree which has catkins and grows from an acorn, and then define "acorn" as the nut produced by an oak tree. To someone who does not know which trees are oaks, nor which nuts are acorns, the definition is inadequate. If someone wants to know what a cellular phone is, telling them that it is a "phone that is cellular" will not be especially illuminating. Much more helpful would be to explain the concept of a cell in the context of telecommunications, or at least to make some reference to portability. Defining "woman" as "a person who identifies as a woman" is circular. Similarly, defining dialectical materialism as "materialism that involves dialectic" is unhelpful.