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Dimdotworks is a Digital Platform that uses it‘s intellectual foundation to secure Identity in the metaverse & create marketing opportunities through a progressing exchange of information.

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Producing.Developing.Establishing - VERT



Update: ”1.4"

X + Y + Z 

[1] Including (P) VAULT, VERT, REM

Envision The World, Coordinate Your Future

⅔. hcnexus

Business Intelligence is becoming more and more important within maneuvering Enterprise Architecture systems and will be one of our most challenging obstacles looking forward, being  one our highest priorities when creating reports that play a factor of the 21st Century. (January 1, 2001 – December 31, 2100)




08/25 - δx PyndanEX - Phase 1

 Phase 1 will be completed 08/26, we have seen moderate results from project phase and will announce update to project status. 

1. Logging

2. f(x) pce 

Project VERT


• Vertical integration and expansion is desired because it secures supplies needed by the firm to produce its product and the market needed to sell the product.


05/23/2023 - δx PyndanEX - Phase 1

 Obviously our Share Price plays a huge role in our organizations position in the market, In 2023 we have increased our market price substantially using very little technology yet we feel like "One of the fastest & most exciting growing companies in The U.S.A!

Ask Why!?

ΛPP.IPΛI (Reporting)