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Today we are proud to announce a "Corporate Restructuring" in our "Organization" and new Economic and ForecastingModel! 

Coming Soon!

ΛPP.IPΛI - Changing Enterprise Architecture Forever!

With the changing business climate sharpening the focus on green technology the tide is shifting away from the matrix of the "Worldwide Web" and becoming more locally challenged at an accelerated rate and communities are called to enact their own sustainable agendas.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable marketing is the promotion of environmentally and socially responsible products, practices, and brand values.

Transforming Business Platforms

The "Digital Transformation" of Business in today's economy can net millions, our outlook '23 and more are centered around this medium of creating a better economic condition suitable to tomorrow.

Content Scheduling - Maintenance & Security Management

We are in the process of digitizing our platform.

What is IT? '23 ΛPP.IPΛI

Transition  to a profitable & productive enterprise shapes the way we communicate to the market our ideas for the future, at this time feedback and opinion is the most crucial to finding solutions to the critical issues we are to face in the future of the digital economy, without this feedback the chance for disintegrating economic conditions will be inevitable. 

'23 New Business Email! D.B.A


the process of growing or changing and becoming more advanced


Approaches to characterizing circular definitions
From a pragmatic point of view, circular definitions may be characterised in terms of new, useful or helpful information: A definition is deficient if the audience must either already know the meaning of the key term, or if the term to be defined is used in the definition itself. Such definitions lead to a need for additional information that motivated someone to look at the definition in the first place and, thus, violate the principle of providing new or useful information.[2] Here are some examples: Suppose we define "oak" as a tree which has catkins and grows from an acorn, and then define "acorn" as the nut produced by an oak tree. To someone who does not know which trees are oaks, nor which nuts are acorns, the definition is inadequate. If someone wants to know what a cellular phone is, telling them that it is a "phone that is cellular" will not be especially illuminating. Much more helpful would be to explain the concept of a cell in the context of telecommunications, or at least to make some reference to portability. Defining "woman" as "a person who identifies as a woman" is circular. Similarly, defining dialectical materialism as "materialism that involves dialectic" is unhelpful.