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Bitcoin Price Surpasses S2F Model – Will It Exceed $200,000 This Year?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed the popular stock-to-Flow (S2F) model that set a target of $200,000 at the end of the year.

The S2F model, developed by analyst PlanB, produces predictions about Bitcoin’s long-term price trend by taking into account two main factors, the amount (flow) of newly minted coins entering the market and the amount of BTC existing (stock).

Even S2F couldn’t keep up with Bitcoin’s speed

Stock flow model and Bitcoin price comparison. Source: Twitter

The S2F Multiple Twitter account shared a post on March 1 about the S2F model, one of the most accurate price prediction methods for Bitcoin price ever made, stating that the current price is ahead of the S2F model.

It was stated that Bitcoin, which was trading at $45,359.46 at the time the tweet was shared, is targeted to be at $36,851.01 according to the stock flow model. Accordingly, it has been calculated that the S2F multiplier is 0.21 at the moment. The BTC/USD pair, which gained strong momentum with the latest bull market, was trading at $48,625 at the time of writing. This price is well above the S2F estimate.

Saifdean Ammous, the author of The Bitcoin Standard, stressed that the Bitcoin price rarely diverges from the S2F model. The accuracy of the model to date clearly reveals the shortage of supply and increasing demand.

Stock flow model. Source: Glassnode

Time, however, will tell whether Bitcoin, which moves ahead of the S2F model’s target price in January and February, will surpass the $200,000 target by the end of 2021.

PlanB: “S2F works perfectly”

As reported by EarnForex, PlanB, the developer of the stock-flow model, drew attention to Bitcoin’s February closing and emphasized that the model works perfectly.

Blockchain technologies provider Blockstream’s CSO, Samson Mow, is also one of those who think that the Bitcoin price will move at full speed. Mow said in a statement that “bitcoins are constantly are moving from weak hands to strong hands.”

If you have any questions and comments on Bitcoin today, use the form below to reply.

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